V5 Episode 1 – Small Business Loan Tips

Recently tried something new. My first video small business loan tips video blow/show with a focus on lending problems, The Veillon 5. Love to hear your input @randyveillon on Twitter, or in the comments below…

Find me on Quora to ask me questions there. The answers to your Quora questions  just might show up here!


Randy Veillon

Randy Veillon

Commercial Lending Expert and Author at Veillon Business Consulting, LLC
R. Randy Veillon, a native Louisianian, was the Program Manager for Louisiana’s Small Business Loan Program with Louisiana Economic Development, which provided guarantees on commercial loans to banks. While at Louisiana Economic Development (LED), he assisted with numerous LED incentive programs. Prior to LED, Randy worked in commercial banking for over 11 years. He is a graduate of the University of Louisiana in Lafayette, the L.S.U. School of Banking of the South, and the Commercial Lending Graduate School at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, OK. He is also a certified Economic Development Finance Professional. His deep personal experience in the Lending Industry informed his work in writing “Behind the Lenders Desk.”
Randy Veillon

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  1. Good episode! I truly didn’t know a couple of the items you teach here. I can’t wait to see the nextone episode!

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