Business Loan Book Interview: Bayou Time

Bayou Time Interviewed me about Behind the Lender’s Desk

Small business loan applicants and even junior lenders ask me all the time about typical commercial lending issues. So, I just loved doing this interview with Keith Weisheit on HTV10’s Bayou Time. We  talk about my new book, Behind the Lender’s Desk (Click the title to get it NOW at The book is intended for all medium and small business loan applicants, as well as swatting questions for junior commercial lenders. Here’s the interview…Enjoy!

“A small business loan ‘how-to’ book for the average person…”

How to get a small business loan
Behind the Lender’s Desk: A Reference Guide for Commercial Bank Lenders and Business Borrowers

That’s what they’re calling it. And as you can see, we wasted no time getting down to the nitty gritty of commercial loans, SMB problems. In this interview, I explain why I wrote the book. For instance, on why unsuspecting people pay thousands of dollars for a business plan when a ubiquitous little-known outfit in most bigger cities can get it competently completed–with all boxes checked–for free! That tidbit alone quickly pays for the book price…AND probably a down-payment on an expensive new car!

Tell an entrepreneur you know about this video. I am confident that this bombshell of a little book will leave any entrepreneur who is new to lending with a healthy understanding of the lending process and give them a lion’s confidence about starting their own business plan, getting it completed with the right help, and toting a newly filled-out loan application all the way to the responsible lender of least resistance.

Feel free to leave a comment or question! Share it with your friends who are budding business owners. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff, (but you still have to work your tail off)!

-R. Randy Veillon

Commercial Lender & Consultant  

Author of Behind the Lender's Desk

Randy Veillon

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